Jilian was a fierce and relentless NYPD homicide detective but she doesn't know that. Since a serial killer she was chasing put a bullet in her head, she loses her memory again and again. When that happens, she moves to a new city and reinvents herself. But she can’t escape the need to solve every murder she comes across, nor can she escape her dark past following only a few steps behind...

Time to reinvent,
New city,
New job,
New friends…
New Corpse.


Jilian is working as a florist in Seattle. After finding the body of a young man nestled among the flowers in the cooler, Jilian races to find the killer before the Seattle police uncover her past—or rather her lack of one. Meanwhile, both her former NYPD homicide partner and the serial killer from New York City are only one step away...

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Jilian knows it wasn't suicide. But Officer Sanchez of the Austin Police Department doesn’t want to listen.


Fortunately, his wife has him on a diet. The only thing preventing the killer walking away scot-free are Jilian’s baked goods. No contest.

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Someone is killing the divas at the San Francisco Opera Company and sending each woman a beautifully rendered sketch of her face in advance. Jilian is too busy designing costumes to mount a concerted effort until she receives a beautiful sketch of her own face...



Praise for

Flowers from the Corpse

Praise for

Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

...multiple threads weave together in a crescendo

of suspense.

Award-Winning Finalist in Autobiography/Memoirs 

category – 2016


Ice House Press


Praise for

Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

Stunning! ...captivating from the very first page. Like all the best storytelling, this one sweeps you away and carries you into the plot, so smoothly you hardly realize how deeply you're connecting with the characters until something happens and—POW!—it hits you in the heart.


 Author of

My Own Magic



For a writer an unusual childhood can be a big plus.

My father was a Broadway actor and later a drama professor. My mother was a director and later a librarian. I have childhood memories of watching a Broadway show (while sitting under the stage manager’s table in the wings) and of browsing school libraries (but never while they were actually open). We moved around a lot. Rather than leaving me with a need to grow roots and stay put, my early life as a theater gypsy left me with a permanent wanderlust and a thirst for new knowledge.

So when I sought a profession for the detective of my mystery series—some profession that I had personal knowledge of—I had a lot to

choose from. Too much, in fact, to settle on only one. My background includes ghostwriting, martial arts, song writing, tour directing, dance, band management, professional cooking, world travel—I could go on but I won’t. Along the way, I managed to fit in a degree in Drama, another degree in Mechanical Engineering, a 15-year acting career and a law practice. But whatever else I happened to be doing, I was always writing. The result is Jilian and her string of creative professions.

I hope you enjoy Jilian’s journey as she travels not just from city to city but to the unexpected person she is becoming—all while she stays a step ahead of the killers who want to stop her reinventing for good.



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